Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good (Thorny) Omen

See those spiky purple flowers? Those are thistles. I love thistles. Why? Because not only are they pretty, but they are also sturdy and thorny. They make roses look like wimps. I like them so much that they made it into my wedding bouquets.
It turns out that I have a large quantity of thistles in my back yard. I'm really glad that they escaped the lawn mower. I never realized that they could get to be so tall. They come up as high as my chest.
I discovered the first bloom today:
I look forward to clipping blooms and sticking them in vases around my house. I think I'll press some and frame them for one of the bedrooms.

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  1. Good idea! :) I love that you think outside the box. :)


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