Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Laundry Room Before:
Laundry Room After:Not including the aluminum siding, this is what the layers of our wall look like.We discovered that there is a thin layer of insulation between the original siding and the aluminum siding. Yay!!I ended up choosing "misty surf" as my paint color. It was somewhere between the bluer "shark" and the grayer "silver wings" that I was pondering. The color comes off as a little bluer than it actually is in the picture. I think it complements the washer/dryer and floor well. Or maybe I should have gone greyer?The laundry room isn't completely done. We want to build in shelving in the small gap between the stacked washer/dryer and the wall where the chimney intrudes into the room. I'm not a fan of wasted space.

We are also going to install the enameled cast iron sink that came with the kitchen when we bought the house.

We still have the wall cabinets from when we ripped out the kitchen and we'll install those as well. I'm thinking they should stay white. There might even be room to have a little sewing table next to the sink. We'll see.

So, even though the room isn't done done, it's definitely coming along. I'd say the laundry room has reached stage 3.


  1. I think the blue is PERFECT! :)

  2. Thanks, Mrs. 5C. I'm glad you approve. I need other's opinions when it comes to paint. I have this tendency to start second guessing my paint colors the minute I'm done and have to resist the urge to pull out the paint chips again.


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