Monday, June 8, 2009

Kitchen Destruction Debris

Prior to its destruction, our kitchen looked like this:
That is not nearly enough cabinet or counter space for my cooking needs. Not even close. Not to mention the very 1950s-ish countertop of red marbled laminate and metal encased edges. I appreciate the look in a vintage diner. Really, I do. But I really didn't want to keep it.

During the destruction process, the Professor discovered that the cabinets actually had no backs. They were literally built right onto the wall. So, if you put a pot or pan in the cabinet and pushed it back, it would be hitting the unfinished, unpainted, unprotected wall.


I don't get it either.

When the Professor destroyed the kitchen (with much glee) he placed all of the kitchen debris in the as yet unused laundry room, which is adjacent to the kitchen. However, it did make quite a mess and sort of... inhibited walking in the laundry room. Just a bit.
The old kitchen sink is solid enameled cast iron. It's not going anywhere. We're thinking we'll repurpose it in the laundry room as a laundry sink. Its sitting upside down on the radiator in the picture.. with the hoses coming out of it, etc.

As the kitchen work is currently stalled until we get our table saw back up and running, I decided to start on the laundry room. But first, I had to move all of the debris. This was the tricky part.

Where was I supposed to put all of this stuff? I still have no idea when trash day is in our new town because we don't live there. I didn't want our yard to turn into a junk yard. So I hid it on the side of the house you can't see from either street. It's next to the ugly oil reserve, which I intend to paint the same shade of yellow as the house so that it can be camouflaged.

So now the debris is out of sight until I figure out what to do with all of it. I'm starting to feel like we need our very own personal dumpster.

And that means that I can get started on the laundry room! Yay, new project!

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