Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Genius Paint Tip #1

You are up late painting walls, ceilings, whatever. You are really tired and just want to go to bed, but you still have half a tray of paint left. You don't want to clean up your paint tray, brush, and roller. It takes too long and you are just going to use them again tomorrow anyways.

What do you do?

Cover everything in saran wrap. No, really, it works! I learned this trick from my mother. Thank you, Mom! It's genius! I make sure my roller is plenty wet, then I closely wrap it with saran wrap. Then I place a wet edger and paint brush in a plastic baggy and seal it. Finally, I cover the paint tray with saran wrap, pressing the saran wrap close to the paint. It keeps everything from drying overnight and you can just remove the saran wrap the next day and continue where you left off. It may be lazy, but it is also AWESOME!

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  1. I did that once, but my tray is made of aluminum and it started to rust. If I ever invest in another paint tray I'll get a plastic one so I can do that. :)


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