Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Foul Filthy Flypaper Floors

Let's just say that the laundry room floor needed some serious help. The previous, previous, previous owners had covered the hardwood flooring with some very thin, very ugly laminate tiles. The tiles come in multiple colors (beige, yellow, maroon, etc.) and are laid out randomly with no particular design. In addition, the look super dingy.
So, I embraced the spirit of destruction, grabbed a prybar, and ripped up all of the fake tiles. It was very cathartic.

The first two tiles to get pulled up revealed the glue/tar covered wooden flooring underneath.
As I said, the tiles are gross:
And the floor underneath them doesn't look much better:No more tiles!!!

The floor still looks like it's covered in tile though... Unfortunately, the glue left the floor black and dirty... And STICKY to walk on. Like flypaper.

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