Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dungeon of Deadly Deathful Death

This is our basement... Or maybe it would be more accurate to call it a cellar...

A cellar of DOOM. Of Deadly Deathful Death.

Be afraid.

This is where we will keep our children when they are bad:
"Aww, Mommy, can't we stay up just a little bit longer?" "Sure, sweety, but only if you want to go play down in the *dramatic pause* dungeon. Otherwise, off to bed with you!"

MWAHAHAHAHA. Evil Mother Mastermind.

Ok, so maybe not. It was a nice thought. The Professor thinks the kids should instead be banished to the attic. Where they can be fed fish heads and play with the bats and get rabies.
Nah. The dungeon is totally better.

You can get a really good look at the bluestone foundation from down here:
There are manly work benches and big strong sturdy support beams. If they didn't hold up my house, I might give them to Mrs. Five Camels.

Nah, she can have her hollow beams. I'll keep 'em.The cellar doesn't run the whole length of the house. Or, rather, not in a manner in which you can actually remain standing. But if I ever wanted to go digging for dinosaur bones, or rare jewels, I could start down there. We actually founds some old animal bones sticking out of the dried clay. It gives me hope.The chimney actually serves as the exhaust port for the boiler.The boarded up part of the foundation was probably the old coal chute for the house. Heat by coal. All hail the black lung!"Hey, what's that white stuff?" "Why, young lady, that's probably asbestos. Don't ever mess with it and you'll be fine!"

*gulp*It looks like a dungeon to me. Fortunately, I didn't find any shackles.

Bibliography (What can I say, it's the history major in me...)
The title of this post (and the Foul Filthy Foulpaper Floors post) was inspired (stolen) from a marvelous card game called Munchkin. You should play!Oh, come on! How could you possibly resist a card game with cards like that? AND that's not even the best one!

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  1. aww, thanks! I appreciate your beam thoughts. ;)
    Your basement is scary. But the foundation is pretty!
    Not pretty enough for me to want to go down there though. ;)


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