Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Mad Professor

What can I say about the Professor?

He's such a serious, quiet, and poetic soul. He spends hours pouring over his books and researching ancient texts and languages. He's even tidy as a pin!


Hold on. I have to pick myself up off of the floor. The laughter is causing my eyes to tear up.

His family told me when I married him that there was no return-receipt. If I was crazy enough to marry him, then I was stuck with him. We're fast approaching the one year mark.


Despite the occasional urge to strangle him, I couldn't be happier!

The Mad Professor:Why the professor? Well, when we became friends in high school, all three of my siblings tried to convince me that he looks like Milo--you know, that guy from Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. My sisters say it's the glasses that make him Milo. I might buy it if, you know, the Professor were the academic type who studied ancient languages for fun and was blonde.

So that's why the professor bit.

Oh, also, he is a professor. He teaches about computers. I'm fairly convinced he's speaking in tongues when he starts spouting off about different cables and bits and bites. But he loves it. He hasn't let me talk him into bowties and sweater vests though. I can't imagine why.

I'm 22. When I tell people that my husband is a professor, I get raised eyebrows. I can just see the little cogs turning in their heads.

She looks like she's 17 and she married one of her professors?!?! EEEW. Cradle robbing.

STOP RIGHT THERE!! (before we go any further, do you love me? will you love me for ever?)

He's 23 and only about 6 months older than me for Pete's sake! Good grief!

It just sounds sketchy is all.

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