Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I blame Five Camels.

I begin this blog journey as I began my entrance into the Professor's family. Placing the blame on someone else. I will say what I repeatedly and emphatically stated during my first family trip to Myrtle Beach: "I didn't do it!!!"

That's right, Mrs. Five Camels! This is ALL your fault!! Ever since you created your blog, I've been ADDICTED. And I'm typically not one for addictions--unless we are talking chocolate. Just ask my siblings. They'll tell you (with some disgust) that I've never even tried a cigarette.

So here's my theory. Buried in the depths of her little smiling camels, entertaining vignettes, and pretty house pictures, lies a dark and terrifying secret.

Her blog is a gateway drug! First, you start off real slow and easy, just reading her blog. Then, one day you get curious and you decide to click on some of the other blogs that are listed on her site. Before you know it, you are checking 20 different blogs 3 times a day just to get your blog fix. You've gone from your gateway drug to being hooked on smack. That pretty little camel is actually a monster in disguise. He really looks like this:

He's obviously one of her smack distributing minions. See! The multiple humps are a dead giveaway! I have been left with no choice. I am now forced to expose Mrs. Five Camels as the ultra-evil mastermind of the blogging world. Just look at that face!!
You see what I mean?! She eats small babies for breakfast!! Then she grinds their bones to make her bread!! (No, really! I've seen it! It's a very messy affair!) Then she takes that bread and turns it into a sandwich for lunch. As the Shoppe Keeper and guardian of all things sandwich, I simply will not allow it.

She must be stopped.

Sorry Mrs. Five Camels. It had to be done.

Let the blog wars begin.

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