Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fireplace Plans & Dalmatian Hands

Remove the thick faux beam at the top and this is what we are aiming for with our fireplace/mantel (via The Lettered Cottage):

With maybe something like this (via Newlywoodwards) at the foot of the fireplace:

Low enough the kids won't trip on it. And pretty. :)

We've got the ball rolling and I'm excited about it:

But I'm kind of starting to feel like a dalmatian:

Look out Cruella de Vil--I carry a nail gun.


  1. eeeee! Roll Ball, Roll!!! :) Great plans!

  2. This is gonna be so awesome. I lie the fireplace at The lettered Cottage. And I obviously like our tile. Thanks for the shout out.

  3. I still have that furry blanket to match your hand if you're interested! I say it is time for you to do another play! (We'll leave out the cat food this time though...) (;P)

  4. If you can get it to look anything like that cottage photo your home will look wonderful. I like your taste!


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