Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Educational ABC Easter Eggs

I know Easter is SO last weekend, but I thought I'd share our ABC Easter Eggs with you anyways.

I've had the Crazy ABC's song by the Barenaked Ladies stuck in my head all week.

"R is for Argyle!"
"No it isn't!"

Curse you, Pandora Children's radio!

So, when it came time to decorate some Easter eggs with Joseph on Friday, I decided it might as well be with one of Joseph's favorite things ever... the ABCs.

I have an entire carton of foam letter stickers from my mother-in-law. I believe she saw them on clearance at Target and snatched them up for Joseph. Thanks, Mom! We are getting lots of good use out of them!

I had Joseph place two foam letters on opposite sides of each egg while we talked about each letter.

Then I helped Joseph *gently* place each egg in a mug of egg dye.

Most of the eggs escaped unscathed. ;) Sidenote: How did my kind end up dressed like a hick??? He picked out the jacket & hat. Not me.

This whole activity was great. We identified our ABCs, counted the eggs, and discussed what color each egg was.

My favorite part was the *magical* egg transformation:

Sunday morning, Joseph and I peeled the foam letters off and had some pretty neat eggs.

Joseph is at the point now where he can tell you what his name is and he usually recognizes his name in all caps when he sees it. 

Now... to work on lower case letter identification.

We had several Easter egg hunts in the back yard together.

Joseph's favorite part was helping me "hide" the eggs by gently placing (...er...dropping from a foot above the ground) the eggs in the grass.

Finding them was fun too, but his mother kept making him sort them by color. She's so lame.

By the time the eggs had gone through several "hunts", they were in abysmal condition.

So we worked on fine motor and peeled them together!

I'm such a fun killer. ;)

Whatever! LEARNING IS FUN! And we got egg salad out of it - which is WAY better than Easter candy.

Right, Joseph? Right?? Riiiiiight???

Eh.  He doesn't actually know that he missed out.


  1. Joseph, did you grow a foot in a week!? Don't get too big or I won't be able to pick you up!

    However, you should keep wearing baseball caps; you rock that look.

  2. TOTALLY love the crazy ABC song. Never heard it before. Rob giggled a lot. Don't tell him I told you he giggled. ;)
    mmmm Egg Salad. Tasty. :)

  3. Love this! I agree, egg salad totally IS better than Easter candy! I love that I'm not the only one who nixed the candy this year :-)


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