Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sarah's Baby Shower - The Main Table

When we (Theresa & I) started planning the baby shower, we knew that this would be the room we were working with.

It's a good-sized banquet room where we hold most of our big family events (key phrase: "big family"). In terms of size, tables, chairs, etc. it's perfect for our family party needs. However, the wood paneling, the big screen tv, the score board, the bar area, and the trophies make the room seem very Man Cave-ish. Very. You can practically feel the testosterone resonating from the walls.

So, our goal was to brighten everything up with super happy colors and allow the estrogen to shine through at the party. Honestly, if I could have draped the walls in white & yellow chevron striped fabric, I would have... and I briefly considered it (just think of the photo possibilities!)... but that was a little psycho, even for me. ;)

When we first started planning the shower, the only thing set in stone was that we'd have a milk & cookies bar... because what pregnant woman doesn't want milk and cookies?? We didn't know the gender of the baby yet, so we were still leaning towards gender neutral colors. However, once we knew we'd be having a niece, that idea got tossed out the window.

As we watched baby Katherine's nursery come together on Sarah's blog, it became clear that what this baby shower needed was a multitude of crazy cheerful colors. Not just one or two.

Then, as I was combing Google images for ideas on how to utilize my large collection of empty baby food jars, I came across this image:

And inspiration clicked! We could combine the happy colors of Katherine's nursery with the reception decor from Sarah's wedding! Look at the table centerpieces:

Daisies, a cute little clay pot of grass, and candle votives.

Why not use all those baby jars for tea lights & grass? We could deck them out in happy nursery colors and they'd be adorable! Plus, it would tie in the start of Sarah & Rob's marriage with the celebration surrounding the impending arrival of their first child!

So, Theresa, Joseph, and I took a trip to Michaels' scrapbook paper aisle and spent time debating and picking out paper until we had a color combination that made us happy.

Then we went and found matching ribbon. Good thing Joseph is too young to complain about shopping with females, right?

We then went back to her place, sat ourselves in front of some cheeseball chick flick, and got to work while Joseph played with Pooh & friends.

picture taken with phone

Since the party was to have a milk & cookies bar, Theresa decked out the jars in paper & ribbons while I cut circles for paper fortune cookies as favors to go on the main table using this tutorial:

Fortunately, I had my mom's scrapbooking circle cutter, so it went really fast! I folded them according to the directions and then used a paperclip to hold the ends together until the shower.

Theresa and I thought it would be neat to put funny little facts about Rob & Sarah inside instead of fortunes. We almost had to resort to calling Rob for help as we were typing them up, but decided to stalk Sarah's blog like creepers instead.

Theresa had the idea to make all the facts start with, "Did you know..." and it worked perfectly for us.

We wanted them to be amusing when people read them aloud, so we filled the cookies with fun little fact morsels like...

"Did you know... that Sarah got pee on Theresa when she told her she was pregnant?"

Yeah. We have no shame.

The vases were mason jars that Theresa had on hand and they were perfect because they are practically giant baby food jars. I'm easily amused by details like that... ;)

The little snowflakey things on the table runner were actually part of a larger doily that I picked up while thrifting with Sarah at a church bazaar. It's square shape offended me, so I cut it into smaller and much cuter little round doilies.

The table runners actually used to be one of my tablecloths. The very same tablecloth that I attempted to use as a pantry curtain ages ago:

The green was too much as a whole table cloth and I never used it, so since the color perfectly suited our color combination and since Sarah loves green, I cut it up into 4 strips and sewed all the edges. Voila! Instant table runners!

The morning of the shower, we sent Mom out for daisies. We had planned on white daisies like at Sarah's wedding, but told Mom that either yellow or pink would be okay too. She could only find yellow and I'm SO glad it turned out that way. They were so cheerful with the white & yellow pom poms.

On the original "Master Plan" outline, we had listed streamers, balloon garlands, buntings, & pom poms as possible decor. However, knowing Sarah's love for fluff, Theresa & I agreed that pom poms were the way to go. Plus, she has them over the crib in Katherine's nursery! We folded & tied all the tissue paper ahead of time, but waited until the morning of to fluff them.

They almost didn't make it up because we couldn't find a ladder and the ceiling was too high for Theresa to just stand on a chair and hang them. Theresa rigged a broom handle with tape & the pom pom strings & tried to hang them from the panels that way. In retrospect, it was kind of hilarious, but at the time, the lack of a ladder was stressing me out, so I didn't think to take pictures of Theresa's frustrated attempts. So sad. Fortunately, Aunt Paula arrived early & saved the day by locating the ladder for us.

Also, did you know that tissue pom poms on strings make for a great free for all pom pom fight at the end of a party??

You should file that little tidbit away for future parties. SO much fun for the kids.

See? Happy colors. Happy Sarah. Goal accomplished.

When Sarah first arrived at the shower and commented on the grass, I mentioned to her that the table decor was meant to mimic her wedding and provide continuity. She said we were going to make her cry. I just looked at her and said, "Dude. You have NO idea." Boy, was I right! Sneaky sisters. You can never trust them. ;)

Coming up... the cookie bar, game table, and the nitty gritty details about the creation of baby Katherine's quilt & camel (with a free pattern!).


  1. You guys did an AWESOME job. Everything is so pretty and happy and fun. I wish I could have seen it in person!

  2. This is seriously awesome. You gals are amazing planners and I love that you were able to repurpose things like a curtain and baby food jars. The grass is probably my favorite part!

  3. This is SO great! I feel like I'm there :-) You guys did such an awesome job! It is VERY Sarah :-)

  4. The grass in jars is totally my favorite part. The Pom Poms, of course, come a close second. And the fortune cookies... I love them too. Ok. I love it all so much I can hardly stand it. :) I love you guys! :)


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