Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pooh Love at the Chocolate Festival

I know the posts have been extremely Joseph heavy lately. I blame pregnancy hormones and stalled projects. And the fact that I've already taken over 500 pictures of Joseph this month. That's a little high, even for me. But whatever, the kid makes me happy. Anyways, this post is dedicated to Theresa. A Pooh lover if ever I met one.

In celebration of Valentines Day, my Mom and I took Joseph to our local library's Chocolate Festival. Yay for community participation!

We've been going to Books & Babies (story time, singing, and playtime for the young'ns) for a few months now and Joseph loves it. He gets really excited whenever he sees the children's librarian, Ms. Diane. Getting to see Ms. Diane twice in one day? Man, she got TWO hugs.

It was a quite the party. Sweets, crafts, and chocolate covered children everywhere. Joseph got to participate in all the crafts with the help of his Gran.

And, wonder of all wonders, he even sat still for face hand painting.

We watched a 5 year old getting a heart painted on his cheek first and after he was done, Joseph just climbed right up into the chair without any suggestions from me. If it's good enough for a big boy, it's good enough for him. He wouldn't hold his face still though, so we went for the hand. Afterwards, he kept trying to remove the dried heart by pinching it.

I distracted him with cupcake decorating. It worked.

It also quickly turned into very enthusiastic licking of the icing and cupcake consumption.

Mmm. Icing-stache.

As door prizes were being handed out, Joseph discovered Pooh Bear and Tigger on the white board. He's a big fan of Winnie the Pooh and this makes his Aunt Theresa endlessly happy. She keeps all kinds of Pooh related toys for him at her apartment.

The best part is that whenever he sees Tigger, he says "hoohoohoohooo!"

He found Piglet on the other side of the board and brought him over to be with his friends. Too cute.

I can just hear Theresa going, "Awwww! I love him!" in my head. Your welcome, Theresa. ;) And, also...



  1. Awwwwww! I love him! ;) Now I just have to get him to say "booo" when he sees Rabbit.

    I love having posts dedicated to me! and I love my Joseph! :)

  2. CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL?!? :) Sounds awesome!
    And I love little toddler Joseph. Crazy baby.


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