Thursday, January 26, 2012

Embrace the Camera - Milkshake Thievery

I swear I'm working on various projects to blog about. I'm just not finished with them. However, Joseph is going to visit his great grandmothers this weekend, so I should have plenty to blog about next week. :)

Until then, I thought I'd get back into Embrace the Camera.

Here we have Joseph stealing Mommy's malted milkshake at our local avocado green 50s diner:

Life is hard when you have to share your milkshakes with TWO other humans. Sure, they are miniature humans, but that didn't STOP Joseph from zoifing more than half of the glass. He didn't want to give up the straw to share with his Mommy, so I had to ask the waitress for a second straw. It was the only way I was going to get some much needed ice cream in my system. Little punk.

My friend Nancy took this picture when she was visiting last week. We had just gotten back from our wagon ride walk when we decided we needed ice cream. She said she had to take a picture of us because "this is just disgusting" (as in disgustingly cute).


  1. I would steal your milkshake, too. Sounds fantastic.

  2. Sharing is hard sometimes! Gold star for you for doing the right thing! I'm #42 on Embrace the Camera this week.


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