Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Burgertastic Birthday


My husband turned 26 today! And to think, we became friends when he was only 17. Dude, that was almost 10 years ago! To celebrate, Theresa, Joseph, and I threw a little Burger & Wii party for him last night.

We started off the evening with an extra healthy meal from McDonald's. If given the chance, Stephen would probably eat McDs out of every plain McDouble they have, so it seemed an appropriate choice... Especially since his birthday "cake" was completely inspired by these little beauties from Bakerella:

They are SO EASY! One vanilla cupcake cut in half, one biscuit sized brownie, and some colored icing for lettuce and condiments!

We never got around to making the cookie fries, but that's okay - they were still soooo cute!

Stephen, of course, got a "burger" without any "lettuce" on it. I wouldn't dream of trying to get the man to eat anything green on his birthday. That would just be cruel. ;)

That's Stephen's "Exxx-cellent" face. Think Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.

The "burgers" were a lot of fun to eat...

... but probably could have done with a little less icing. (Joseph might disagree.)

Stephen took one bite, looked at Theresa, and said, "Mmmm! Tastes like color!"

You know the food fight scene in the movie Hook?

....Yeah, the icing was a lot like that.

In addition to the "burgers", I made Stephen a pepperoni pizza monkey bread cake...

...but was distracted enough by a certain munchkin that I overbaked it by accident. So, no pictures. But it was still tasty! I'll be making it again in the future!

For his birthday present, I was inspired by this T-shirt:

Let's be honest - this is how Stephen sees the food pyramid whenever he looks at it. However, I wasn't completely enamored with the design or the $25 price, so I decided to DIY my own version with a pack of plain XL t-shirts from Walmart and a white fabric paint pen. I still can't believe how well it turned out. And all for the total price of... (don't look, Stephen!)

...about $3.60.

Joseph and I are also making a version of this shirt:

We didn't finish because Daddy unexpectedly came home from work early (YIPPY!!!).

It's all right if you don't get it. It's in binary and Stephen understands binary. Since he teaches computers and all. The shirt says "DAD". Only, we changed it to "DADA" (Joseph's favorite word in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD...grr...) and are adding Joseph's footprints. It should be great when it's finished.

In addition to the homemade shirts, Theresa also got Stephen this awesome pair of shirts:

...and some new softball equipment.

Then, we spent the rest of the evening playing Wii bowling.

And Wii bowling with Joseph is hilarious...

Not only does he hold the controller poised behind him as though he's going to bowl with it, he also says "OOOOOOOOOOH!" every time the pins are knocked over.

Happy 26th Birthday, Sweetheart! We love you!

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