Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Velveesha: Cheese of the Female Persuasion

We had our big 20 week-ish ultrasound this morning and, with the exception of the full bladder requirement, it was super exciting! I even brought the boys!

The appointment was at 11:30 this morning. At 11:22am, I received the following text from my sister-in-law Sarah (Five Camels).

Me: Haven't had ultrasound yet. Waiting. Have to peeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

At this point, I started cracking up in the waiting room... which was bad for my bladder condition. So I put away the phone.

Finally, we got to meet the little kung fu champ:

Isn't she cute??? I think she's rubbing her eye in that profile shot. And, yes, we have mostly definitive proof our little kung fu champ is a she:

Here are her little feet. They look crossed to me.

Apparently Joseph's frequent pointing, Stephen's declaration of, "Joseph! You are going to have a baby sister!", and my "awws" were boring the little miss, because she decided to yawn during the proceedings:

She's currently lying breech, weighs approximately 13 oz, and is due May 3rd. I find this to be hilarious because my sister Amy's birthday is also May 3rd AND she was breech when my Mom had her. Hopefully, my little girl won't decide to stay breech like my sister did. Do you hear that missy??? Breech is not an acceptable option!

Oh, and by the way little miss, you have the sweetest big brother ever:

After the initial ultrasound was over, we waited for the doc to come and observe so we could be dismissed (and I could finally pee). During this time, Joseph (who was SO INCREDIBLY well behaved the whole time) wanted to poke my belly and then snuggle with me. So I let him. Even though he accidentally elbowed me in the tummy and my bladder almost gave in then and there.

When the doc came in and took a look at the ultrasound, the first thing she said was, "WOW! Mommy really has to pee!" I guess my bladder looked uncomfortable even in black and white?? Anyways, the doc decided that all was well in belly land and I immediately scurried to the bathroom upon my release. I made sure to text Sarah back so she wouldn't keel over and die from having to wait an additional hour for the news.

Me: Texting you from the potty (at last!) ... drum roll ... baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Email to follow!
Sarah: Eeeee!

Being pregnant together is fun. I can barely wait for her ultrasound! ;)

Since Rosetta Stone was nearby, we decided to surprise Aunt Theresa at work after our appointment. I asked the receptionist to tell Theresa that her nephew Joseph had come to see her. Then, I gave Joseph this note all folded up and told him he had to give it to Theresa:

He ran to Theresa all excited to see her and handed the note over while simultaneously trying to get her to pick him up. It was ridiculously adorable:

Since everyone was so excited and we were at Rosetta Stone, not some staid bank, Aunt Theresa pulled out her giant ball and tossed it back and forth with Joseph in her office!

So much fun. He couldn't stop belly laughing. It was great!

Especially when his aunt sent it flying at him and it bounced him back a few steps... Joseph thought that was the most hilarious game ever.

Then we left the safety of the office... Giant ball + long hallways = toddler heaven.

Theresa now feels that Joseph needs a giant exercise ball for Christmas. I don't think Joseph would argue with that...

While rolling the ball through accounting, Joseph had to stop and say hi to this nice lady:

He said a whole bunch to her in toddler speak. Here's my interpretation: "Umm... Excuse me, ma'am? Are you aware that you are sitting on the greatest toy ever? Maybe you should share because you obviously don't even know what to do with it. Jeez."

He was finally distracted from the giant ball when we rolled it into the kitchen and he spied some free apple juice. So, we took a juice break:

After our juice, we said "Bye byes!" to "An Teesa" and headed out.

So, baby Cobalt is a sweet little girl. I'm excited! Pigtails and dresses are in my future! :)

Once I got home, Stephen and I had the following gchat:

 Stephen:  so, thought of any girl names yet?
 me:  no
 Stephen:  Velveesha
 me:  no
 Stephen:  oh... come on
joseph likes cheese
 me:  ha
you are terrible

Don't worry little girl. I won't let your Daddy pick out any crazy or cheese related names for you. Scouts honor! Though, I really can't promise that either Daddy or your big brother will ever let you date...

Bye everyone! Have a great holiday!


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! BABY GIRL!!!!!! I'm so so so so so excited for ponytails and pink fluff!!!!!!!! :):):):):)

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm so happy for you and your little GIRL! Yippee!!


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