Friday, November 4, 2011

Porcupine Fruit & Some Cheerios

I've decided to start blogging about activities that successfully keep Joseph occupied. So, I'll start with one of my favorites. Porcupine fruit and cheerios. This is an excellent way to get your toddler to practice his or her fine motor skills.

Simply stab some toothpicks into a piece of fruit (or a potato or a bit of playdough or anything else you have on hand) and give your kid some cheerios (or fruit loops or... you get the idea). Show your kid how to slide their cheerios onto the toothpicks.

They'll catch on quickly. Joseph loves this activity. I've done a few variations with noodles to mix things up.

I love the look of fierce concentration that Joseph gets as he carefully slides his cheerio home.

He can be so very serious when he's puzzling things out.

Of course, this activity can also double as snack time...

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  1. Sarah: So... Caroline posted all these pictures on Google + of fruit with toothpicks stabbed into it and Joseph threading cheerios onto the toothpicks?
    Rob: Is she torturing the fruit?
    Sarah: Maybe?


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