Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Accidental Sand Consumption Only


(I know, I know, I'm late. Shh. It's not polite to mention such things!)

I've been plagued by the Anti-Blogger Monster all week, but I've finally managed to escape his evil motivation sucking clutches. Good thing, too, because he smells. Like roses. That have been POOPED ON.
I think my husband is rubbing off on me...

Lame excuses & monster blame throwing aside, I have a number of very exciting home improvement projects going at the moment that I'm dying to share with you, but not a one of them is complete (shocker!).

So, instead, I'm going to graciously share a gratuitous number of photos of Joseph at the beach with you. Per Mrs. Longbrake's request. And because I'm just that nice & magnanimous. The world needs a little more Joseph cuteness in it - in my humble and totally unbiased opinion

Our annual family vacation at Myrtle Beach was simply lovely. Fabulous and fun and mostly restful with some crucially important Potter vs. Horcrux action thrown in. What?? The beach just isn't as good without Harry. I don't know what I'm going to do next year... *cough* HP Marathon *cough*

Joseph really, really enjoyed the beach. He's typically a fan of anything that involves being outside and/or water. Throw in constant attention and adoration from his doting relatives and Joseph got to play King Toddler all week. Just look at that noble brow!

He even staked a royal territorial claim on his section of beach. About 200 times. He's very confident. He named his beach Pizza Town. For his father.

With so much sand to dig in, I'm very happy to report that Joseph is not into eating sand like the rest of the cool toddlers. Ha! Take that toddler peer pressure! Little man stood strong. It's because he's King. He wouldn't stoop to something so plebeian as sand eating.

Instead, Joseph much preferred to dig up and throw as much sand as he could get his little hands on... with dignity of course.

Which may or may not have led to some accidental sand consumption. Only Joseph can say for sure.

And, naturally, there was the occasional bird chase. He had to drive any and all invaders off his territory.

Is it just me, or is Joseph approaching that bird with some Jersey 'tude? "'Ey! Burd! Get out of the wuder! I'm walkin' 'here!"

Sand, birds, and waves! He liked the waves a lot.

Brave little stud muffin. What's not to love about the beach?

I think the beach ranked right up there with playing in the pool behind our beach house with his Great Grandmom. Can you feel the excitement?

Can you feel it now?

Can you feel it now?

YUP. Those are Joseph's great grandparents having a very serious and violent noodle war. Best moment of the whole trip. Joseph is truly blessed. Truly.

Pool = toddler heaven. Especially after your Grandmom teaches you how to jump into the pool at the end of Humpty Dumpty.

So, in Joseph's very long and experienced life, I'm sure he'd tell you with absolute certainty...

Best. Week. Ever.


  1. SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice picture of my bum....

  2. HP MARATHON!!! YES!!!! I'm ready to go back. How's tomorrow for you? ;)

  3. Could he be any darn cuter? I don't think so. He's really getting big, too. And I love the summer hair. And the violent noodle war. And 5C's hat.

    That is all.


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