Monday, June 6, 2011

When you live on a busy street... sometimes have to put up with late night paving. Which is a tad bit noisy. Fortunately, Joseph slept right through it. Three cheers for fans that generate white noise!

FYI: Late night paving literally vibrates your home. A little disconcerting when your home is around 130 years old. Then again, it's stood this long, right?

What with all the noise, vibration, and inability to open our windows to get some cool air in the house, Stephen's blood pressure was going through the roof. So, I decided to go out onto the front porch and take pictures before having a friendly chat with the gentlemen outside. When I say friendly, I genuinely mean friendly. I don't like to give guys a hard time for doing their job and apparently the poor guys get a lot of complaints. I just wanted to know about when they'd finish up so that I could talk Stephen down from cardiac arrest and prevent him from making angry phone calls to the town office. Whether or not I was successful... Debatable.

Heart attacks aside... I got to play with blurring heavy machinery at night. I love playing with prolonged exposures! They are so neat!

One minute it's there, moving at the speed of light. The next...

DEPLOY CLOAKING SHIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(no, I'm not a nerd. why do you ask?)

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