Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Manager's Special Gardening

I grabbed three gardenia bushes whilst grocery shopping at Kroger yesterday.

They were in super nice condition. New growth, buds, and all.

Normally, I would walk right on by. But these plants were on Manager's Special. I never walk by Manager's Special.

I really couldn't pass them up. I mean, FIFTY CENTS.

Really. When one has an iffy track record with potted plants, one is only willing to spend so much on said plants. And fifty cents is about it.

Besides, I love gardenias. They smell like heaven.

I also grabbed a bunch of annuals ... also, on manager's special

Which I will plant in my lovely side bed... just as soon as I have time to weed it.

Jeez! You go away for a few weekends and you come back to find your garden under siege. The actual plants are doing great. The hostas still look kind of sad, but the rest of the plants (especially the chocolate mint) are flourishing.

Oh yeah. I think I have several hours of hard weeding ahead of me.

And then I'm going to throw down 20 million inches of mulch. That ought to teach the stupid grass a lesson!


  1. Our side yard is also a weed haven. I put TONS of mulch and these crazy long-ace weeds just grow through it. It's crazy. Revenge of the weeds.

    And $.50? Seriously? We need a managers special in my neck of the woods.

  2. That's an awesome deal!! :)
    Good luck with those crazy weeds. They're trying to take over my azaleas, too.

  3. Where are you? Are you alive? As much as I love reading this post, I want a new one! Preferably with pictures of Joseph in your garden!


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