Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tilling Monster Ravages Backyard

Behind these seemingly innocent Korean Lilac buds lies a sinister monster machine & its terrible master...

Oh no! Flee for your lives!! The horrible yard eating tiller machine has arrived!! With it's ferocious, rotating metal teeth, it chops up & stirs everything in it's path. Beware earthworms, dandelions, & sinkholes! Your DOOM approaches!

The Backyard Kingdom has fallen to the Wrath of Terrible Master Stephen. Woe to backyards everywhere!

Ok, enough melodramatic nonsense. (NEVER!)

Why till the back yard? It looks so nice & even & flat in this picture:




Trust me. Flat & even it is not. I've mowed it. There are any number of hidden, grass filled ditches for the unwary to fall into & twist an ankle. Since our ultimate goal is to have a safe & confined play area, the ditches had to go. Also, the ditches really annoyed Stephen when he mowed. Buh-bye ditches!

After one afternoon spent with a fancy rented tiller (HORRENDOUS YARD RAVAGING MACHINE!) from Home Depot, those ditches were no where to be found.

That tiller sure does a fantastic job of churning up the earth, evening everything out, & chopping up helpless earthworms. Even better, it really helped loosen up the gravel in the blasted-pain-in-the-butt-middle-of-the-yard-drive. Not quite as good as a bulldozer, but Stephen thought that particular Caroline request was unreasonable. (Harumph!)

Poor yard. It's for the best. I promise.

Yup. I get to rake all of that. SO lucky. You can see the little bump running across the back of the yard where I've already started. This picture is behind the times... I've actually finished the back half all the way up to the gravel drive (which is going away!!!) Now I just have to rake everything on the other side of the drive. YAY! I can already feel my arms complaining.

Next week in yard news, gravel drive destruction, grass sowing, herb garden creating, & hedge planting. I can just sense your exuberance & excitement flowing over the internet. BE EXCITED!!

And BEWARE the dastardly tilling beast! It will make off with your children in the night! You're not safe until its head is mounted on my wall! I say we kill the beast!!!


  1. I'm a big fan of the melodrama. =) This will look great. We had to do this in part of our current yard. Totally worth all the work! (And we're lucky that my father in law owns a tiller.)

    And great tip on the little roller for trim. I will try that. I liked the roller a lot when I used it for the vanity interior.

  2. This gives me COURAGE!!! We need to do this, but I keep putting it off because it scares me. So, like any good sister, I'll let you do it first. :) I love you for doing things first.


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