Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Laundry Lines Long Gone

We had two laundry line T's in our back yard.

They were great and all, but they were in the main part of our yard in plain view of the road. And as nice as white fluffy sheets look blowing in the breeze on a laundry line, I don't relish the idea of people having the opportunity to ogle my undies. If I ever do decide to use a laundry line, it will be out of sight in our little side yard.

Stephen dug them up and knocked them over last week. They are seriously heavy. What? Concrete is heavy? NO WAY!!

The very next morning, a guy who looked like Santa Claus knocked on my kitchen door and asked if he could take them off our hands. Maybe he wanted the elves to save energy by freeze drying their elven undies?

Since I couldn't say no without the risk of adding Joseph to the naughty list before he's even had a chance to be naughty, I let Santa Claus have them. Besides, it's nice to have them out of our yard now, instead of waiting for our random week of heavy trash pick up. Oh, and also, I'm a nice, generous person concerned for the welfare of those toy covered elven undies.

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