Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dig & Dig & Diggity Dig!

(Name that movie!)

Something's happening in the back yard...

We're digging for GOLD! Beautiful GOLD! And it's mine! MINE! Mine for the taking! (movie reference hint)

Instead, we are finding old fence posts, bricks, & glass... Not as exciting... But we've got a lovely ditch going.

We are digging the ditch in preparation for the hedgelings that should be coming in the mail in another week or two. We've made a lot of progress, but we still have to dig this entire area:

Ugh. I just keep picturing what those little hedgelings will eventually look like:

Thick, tall, fluffy, evergreen Canadian Hemlock. The hedgelings will be about a foot tall when we plant them, but they grown one to three feet per year depending on the soil conditions... We've got nice soil, so hopefully, in five years, we'll have a big, beautiful hedge.

Ah, privacy, an enclosed yard, and an obscured view of this:

Five years. Just five years.


  1. eeee! This is an exciting project!!!!! :):):)

  2. oooo.. this will be so great! Totally worth the wait. I can always send Ryan over to help with a fence if you need more instant gratification, but your neighbors may need to be evacuated if he hits another gas line. ;)


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