Friday, February 11, 2011

Laughable Lists

Hello, my name is Caroline, and I have a list writing problem. Why is it a problem? Well... I write unrealistic, insanely long lists of tasks which I have every intention of completing RIGHT NOW. Never mind the need for sleep and normal human constraints. I just know that I. can. do. it.

Ha. Yeah. Sure. Afterall, I am a distant relative of Wonder Woman. I read it in a book somewhere. My list writing was so ridiculously unrestrained that I started writing, "What can I reasonably accomplish today?" at the top of the page before starting a list. When that didn't work, I started limiting the number of items on my "reasonable list" to 10. Which is perfectly reasonable, as long as one of those items isn't something like "construct a complex system of levies in your backyard". I would never write big ticket items like that on my list of 10 things to be accomplished today. Never.

To make things simpler, I even have different categories of lists: 

Today's To Do List (Get off your butt, lazy wench!)
Weekend To Do List (Woman! Stop trying to pencil in 'sleep past noon'!)
Long Term To Do List (Tasks for a Rainy Day)
DO RIGHT NOW! List (Or else!)
Daily Cleaning List (BOO!)
Weekly Cleaning List (Bleh!)
Random House Projects for People with Project ADD (Who me?)

I have them typed on different "sticky notes" on my desktop. They are easier to manage that way. ;)

Why all this talk of lists?

I was cleaning house today, when I came across a notebook from last year. In the notebook, I rediscovered this laughably long, unrealistic list of things I had planned to accomplish during spring break.

I wrote this list on a Friday night. When I looked like this:

I had Joseph Sunday morning.

Man plans. God laughs.

So, are you a list maker? And,more importantly, are you a reasonable list maker?


  1. I am soooo a list maker~...I make a list for for reasonablely....hmmm... haha I love to write my thoughts down so I dont forget~...but then I lose my lists haha or never go back to check them off :P

  2. Dude... "Move Desk Downstairs" was on your list and you were WAY TOO PREGNANT to be moving furniture. Maybe THAT'S why God was laughing at you. ;)
    We may have to lock you up like a wolfman next time you're pregnant.

  3. This seriously made me laugh out loud. And some of those items on the list seem really strenuous for a woman about to have a baby. You make me smile. I love lists, too. I have lists of lists and it seems I never get around to most of them. ;)


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