Monday, December 20, 2010

Pretzels by the Pound

Do you like chocolate covered pretzels?

We do.
ME.    LIKE.    PRETZEL. *manly chest thump*

At least, I have to assume we do... Otherwise it would be really hard to explain why we have 15 pounds of chocolate covered pretzels...

You see... Last year, my husband got his mother TWENTY FIVE POUNDS of pistachios. She likes pistachios... In order to get free shipping, he also ordered 15 pounds of chocolate covered pretzels.

And they were really, really good. Addictive even. Dangerous to have around. And we had them around for quite some time. I was glad when we finally finished them off. Then, the other day, I noticed a box sitting by the back door. A box with "" plastered across the side. And I knew, I just knew, that my husband had ordered even more chocolate pretzels by the pound.

RIDICULOUS. Who on earth needs 15 pounds of chocolate pretzels?? Wait, scratch that. I should never complain about chocolate. It's bad luck. Everyone needs chocolate. Unless they are my brother and don't like chocolate, but he's a freakazoid, so it's ok. Besides... The pretzels are very tasty.

Mmm. I think I'm sensing a Christmas family tradition in the making.

P.S. Dear family... We're scratching your Christmas presents. Can you guess what you are getting instead? ;)

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