Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Untimely Death of a Snowflake

I was watching NCIS with Stephen the other day when, out of the blue, I decided that I wanted to make some snowflakes. So, I googled snowflake directions, and I found a really great post about five pointed snowflakes on How About Orange.

Supplies needed:
oragami or square paper

If you don't have square paper, you can use regular computer paper. Just fold over a corner like so:

Then trim off the excess so that you have a rough square.

Next, fold your square according to these instructions.

Cut away at your folded paper in any pattern you wish.

And unfold. Isn't it pretty?

Whatever you do, make sure to cut off the wider top part of your folded paper... Otherwise, you'll end up with something like this:

Oh, Theresa...

At least she got five mini snowflakes out of it... with creepy disappointed faces.

She redeemed herself by refolding her botched snowflake and turning it into a throwing ninja snowflake star. HI-YA!

From that point on, Theresa mostly stuck to mini snowflakes.

Aww... so cute!

I asked Theresa to take a picture of me with my snowflake so that I could blog about it. She took this, then started laughing... "Your the same color as the snowflake! BWAHAHA!"

Thanks, Theresa, I love you and your olive skin too.

I originally planned on making a garland (like on How About Orange), but the snowflakes didn't want to flatten out. So instead we taped all of the snowflakes onto the  front window.

I love them! They are seasonal, festive, quick, and easy! I think Theresa and I made most of them while watching Cupcake Wars together. Sidenote - whoever write the hosts' lines for that show should be shot. They are TERRIBLE. I like it.

One last thing - snowflakes are not baby proof.

Crumple. Crumple. Slobber. Rip. Tear. Chew. Lose interest. Crawl away.

Poor, decimated snowflake. It never had a chance.

My son the snowflake murderer.


  1. haha Alana and I tried making snowflakes and they turned out....well lets just say they didnt really have any kind of shape to it :P I think we'll do this again today with your instructions :) Miss you Caroline!

  2. I love Joseph's old man sweater. :) And his evil destructive powers.

  3. I always wondered why Mom always called me her special child. ;)


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