Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Cleaner That You Can Drink

During a recent visit to Richmond, Mrs. Five Camels and I set up our own science lab and experimented with making non-toxic cleaners. Ok, Sarah experimented while I watched in bemusement as she tried to pour ingredients into a bottle without a funnel. I'm helpful like that.

Anywho, we settled on a recipe made with vinegar, baking soda, water, and lavender scent. I don't remember the exact ratios, but you could just google cleaner recipes. Of course, combining vinegar and baking soda is always fun. It takes me back to my elementary school volcano building days. I admit that I always wanted my volcano explosions to be a bit more violent, but I settled with fizzy.

The cleaner works surprisingly well and I have no qualms about using it around Joseph. Plus, it smells pretty and has a phenomenal label design (courtesy of Sarah)!

You can tell it's an awesome cleaner because the product name comes with an exclamation point. You can always trust exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They never lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why make our own cleaner? To sell it for a profit, of course! Why else would we have such a high tech label? But seriously... It's non-toxic... which is fabulous if you have nightmares about chemicals floating in the air! It's  also "green", but honestly we were more motivated by our penny pinching miserly ways than by our concern for the environment. Because we're selfish. Ok, Sarah has a heart of gold, but I'm a heartless wench. I like to go swimming daily in my lavish penny-filled vault.

Oh, and just in case you had any concerns about it's toxicity levels... I want to assure you that the bottle is fully approved by Mr. Yuk.

Credit for this idea goes to my husband, although I did the drawing this time...

Doesn't he engender a warm, cozy, safe feeling in your heart? Yeah. Mine too.

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  1. And the best part about it is that Rob actually thinks it's a good cleaner! :) I'll post the recipe on my blog tomorrow.
    I heart the Mr. Yuck Sticker. :)


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