Thursday, October 7, 2010

{Embrace} the Camera

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We had a fantabulous weekend hosting our annual family apple picking and pie baking marathon extravaganza. We only made 20 pies this year. No where near the 30 we made last year, but still plenty to go around! The weather couldn't have been more perfect and the we thoroughly enjoyed having our family stay with us! (Also - sorry I've been MIA this week. I was curiously unmotivated to do anything after everyone went home after the weekend...)

It was Joseph's first time in an orchard and he was digging the abundance of fruit. Check out his death grip on that apple!

He got his first taste of apples fresh off of the tree. Yes, he's spoiled for life. There was a great deal of intense fascination and fierce fruit sucking.

The whole front of his shirt was drenched in apple juice drool. It left quite a stain.

Here are my two boys with their matching Capitals hats. Daddy is getting really excited about the start of hockey season. We have to start the indoctrination young. Can't have Uncle Rob bringing Joseph over to the Flyers' side. Or would that be the Dark side. ;)

"MOM!!! No hugs right now! I want my apple back!! Where'd it go?? Grandmom! Save me!"

And now for some shots of Joseph's current favorite activities...

Sucking on his bottom lip while ignoring his Mommy's query about his love for apples.

Nose grabbing and face wacking.

Blowing spitty raspberries and face wacking.

Oh, and face wacking! The kid loves grabbing faces...


  1. He is gosh-darn ADORABLE! (and reminds me how excited I am to have a little quite some some...)

  2. Looks like you had a great time :)
    I always love your photos!

  3. Looks like so much fun! What adorable pics and great memories!

  4. so cute! what a great time it looks like your family had!

  5. Precious! Love the 2nd to the last one!

  6. Oh how I love the one where he is grabbing your nose! And that close up of him and the apple...fabulous.

  7. Ha looks like a fabulous day! And 20 pies ~ wholy moly!! Yummy!

  8. Cute pictures as usual!! Love this time of year!

  9. Oh my, cuteness overload. Apple juice drool is my favorite. ;)

  10. those are fabulous!! beautiful pictures!!
    i especially love the first one :)

  11. yummmmy to the pies :)

    love these pictures--you are totally adorable.


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