Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silly Sledgehammer Wars & Inappropriate Dress

When doing demolition late into the night, things can get ugly. 

Really ugly.

Your best friend can look like your worst enemy.

It's the pink. The pink drove us into battle.

Who struck the first blow? No one knows. But it was gruesome.

Personally, I blame Theresa.

Nothing could possibly end such a terrible feud.

Nothing, that is, except for Disney tunes.

There's just something about "Hakuna Matata" sung at the top of your lungs around midnight that reaches deep down into your soul and makes you think of bunnies,  butterflies, and puppies frolicking together in a meadow of rainbow gumdrops and honeydew melons.

Then there are no more worries and the silliness drowns out the hate.


Scowls disappear and funny faces emerge.

And then you realize that you've been doing demolition in a bright pink shirt, pink flip flops, and a stylin' 80s side ponytail on the one hand, and a green dress, dust mask, backwards ball cap, and half sneaks on the other hand.


Then you realize that you've stuffed your baby monitor, your lens cap, and perhaps a screwdriver down your cleavage and forgotten about them.

And then you make peace.

Love you, pretty lady!

And you hug.

It's just who we are.

Life is too short to live without the ridiculous.


  1. I love this, and you!

    I'm only ok with the photos 'cause we both look ridonkulous. Then again...when do we not? :)

  2. Best pictures ever!

  3. These are hilarious. The first thing I thought was "She's wearing a green dress?" You are even styling while renovating. Your friend looks hilarious.

  4. You're so animated! And brave to be doing all of this demolition~ good for you!!


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