Monday, September 13, 2010

Colliscroft - The Crystal Room

Alternately titled, "OOO SHINY!!"

Remember, my aunt's giant, gorgeous 106 year old home and soon to be B&B? I posted about it here.

Well, there are three huge rooms which branch off of the main entryway and one of them is the crystal room.  Please take a moment to gaze in wonderment at those windows.

I said gaze in wonderment, not envy!! It's ok. I'm envious too. It's the combination of the arch, molding, rosettes, and window seats. It just gets me every time. I wish I'd thought to take a close up, but I totally suck.

Here's the view of the crystal room from said awesome windows.

I would kill for that ceiling. Seriously. If you were standing between me and that ceiling, I would have no qualms about wacking you.

Then there's the chandelier. Hello, pretty, pretty chandelier!

And this is the mantle and fireplace. I die.

The detailing on the fireplace and the way the mirror reflects the chandelier is AWESOME.

And I really love how my aunt has decorated the whole mantle. It just works perfectly with the room.

She uses art painted by her son all throughout the house. He's very talented. She loves Monet, so he paints her Monet reproductions for her birthdays and Christmas.

And finally, she has a beautiful mirror set on top of the table in the center of the room. I would show it to you, but she had all of her magazine inspiration pages spread out on top of it when I was there. You can see the edges of the giant mirror peaking through at the bottom. It's very detailed.

I'll have to get my hands on a picture of the table and mantle when it's all decked out at Christmas time. She sets up little crystal penguins so that they look like they are ice skating on the glass. It's adorable!

I'll share the Red Room with you next week. Ciao for now!

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