Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creepiness Is No Excuse For Emptiness

We had an extremely productive weekend and I have plenty to share with you this week. Let's start with the smoke shed.

We have a smoke shed in the back yard. It would be mighty useful if either of us were hunters. Then we could smoke up some of our very own venison jerky. Alas, we do not hunt. Not that I don't appreciate a good Bambi Burger. Mmm. Bambi Burger.
The smoke shed is located about halfway back in our yard in it's own personal jungle. It was time to break out the machete.
Not to hurt the smoke shed's feelings or anything, but it's just a creepy little shed. It's dark, smells like cat, and is FULL of spiderwebs.I took one look at it when we first bought the house, was thoroughly creeped, and put it out of my mind. For a whole year. Then, I peeked in the other day and realized that despite the creep factor, it was a perfectly good storage space. And I just let it sit empty for a year! Ridiculous!!

I cleared out the trash and debris left behind by the previous owners and was left with a workable space:
Then I removed some of the less savory items. Sir Pickles Felix, the stray black cat that roams the block, has been spending some quality time in the smoke shed.
As evidenced by the squirrel carcass and bird feathers everywhere. R.I.P. Mr. Nuttz
As much as I love removing animal carcasses with tongs, Sir Pickles Felix, I'm afraid you are going to have to move the Kitty Buffet to someone else's shed.
I'm heartless and cutthroat when it comes to storage space. I'm sorry, but you've been evicted.

Then I gathered all of the garden/yard related items that we own and organized them in the shed.
I even put a spare outdoor rug down over the blood stained concrete.
And just to make sure Sir Pickles Felix complies with the eviction notice, I put a lock on the shed.

Relocating the garden/yard related items cleared up some space in the Sandwich Shoppe. But that is a story for another day.


  1. WOW!! I'm very impressed! You did a great job! And that IS the perfect place to store all your outdoor stuff! Don't feel badly that it took you a year to figure that out. It hadn't occurred to me either. :)

  2. oh! And ps: I really like the title. :)

  3. ugh... I picked my nose with those tongs later that day. YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME.


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