Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Colliscroft, A Series

Welcome to Colliscroft! My aunt and uncle (ala the Italian restaurant) are working to turn this gorgeous old house into a B&B and wedding venue. They're still working out the purchasing details with the owners, but they've been living there for two years and have done a lot of work in that time. They are hoping to have the business up and running by late Fall.

Colliscroft was completed in 1904 and was used as the summer home to the wealthy Huntington family (railroad owners). It's huge and gorgeous and I could happily live there.

I am in love with this house. I walked in and immediately entered architectural heaven. I definitely have a major case of house envy. I may have even leaned against the side of the house at one point and whispered, "I love you, house. Run away with me!!" (among other sweet nothings not suitable for this blog).

The porch will eventually wrap all the way around the back of the house to grant wheel chair access and make for a great party venue. My aunt is also going to put in some spectacular sweeping gardens all around the house and a giant wedding gazebo out front. She has a real knack for growing seemingly wild, overflowing gardens. That whole side of my family inherited green thumbs.

As an extension of her restaurant and catering services, my aunt also creates beautiful wedding cakes. She is very prepared for this whole wedding venue thing.

Can't you just picture brides being kissed senseless against those giant columns??

Let me help you with the scale of this porch. The flooring of the porch is nearly as high up as I am tall.

More on the inside of this house to come!


  1. This reminds me a little of where we had our wedding reception. It's beautiful and I can't wait to see the inside!

    Too bad the house didn't take you up on the running away offer.

  2. Can I get married again so I can do it there??
    It's beautiful!!!!
    Also... your hair-do is pretty fantastic. I need some tips. :)


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