Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Special Thanks To The Addition Crew

We would like to thank all of the wonderful family members who helped us begin construction on our addition.We really appreciated everyone's willingness to traveling long distances and give up one of their weekends. We couldn't have accomplished so much without the expert feedback/troubleshooting and extra hands.

Rob - Thank you for ripping up the roof on the first level and for persevering despite severe allergies and the lack of Benadryl. We will frame & immortalize the piece of ceiling that you put your foot through.

Sarah - Thank you for bringing Rob Benadryl. ;)
Uncle Bob - You are awesome. We probably never would have even started this project without your help. You worked so hard and we really, really appreciate it! Uncle Rich - We never would have gotten the permits without your knowledge of architecture and advice. Without your help, we'd still be working around the whole "missing fourth wall" problem...

Uncle Charlie - Thank you for helping with the cutting and measuring. I look forward to talking about wall tiling with you in the future!

Jamie and Suzanne - We loved having you and your munchkins! You are welcome anytime. Apple picking? Anyone?

Munchkins - We know you could have put the whole addition up yourselves, but we were happy to let you play with the gumball machine instead...
Grandmom - You make an excellent foreman. You can bring your jackhammer and boss the guys around anytime! (Plus - we have a Sharp Shopper!)Dad & Theresa - Without you, the addition wouldn't have a roof or any walls. Thank you for coming back the following weekend to help!!Mom - Thanks for going bargain shopping with me while the guys sawed a holes into my house. I'll let you hold Joseph anytime. You might have to fight with Sarah and Paula at the beach though...

We love you all and are very grateful to have such a wonderfully close and supportive family. THANK YOU!!

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  1. APPLE PICKING!!! :)
    and also.. I like the new background! Though, you probably figured I'd like it. Yay green & brown! ;)


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