Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Chinchilli Day!!

Chinchilla. What a great animal name. Who doesn't like the word "chinchilla"? Bad people who kick puppies (and chinchillas). Only bad people could dislike such a warm fuzzy word. Just look at that thing!!! I want a baby chinchilla. Can I have one, love? Can I?? PUH - LEASE???

Why do I suddenly find chinchillas so appealing? Because I stumbled upon these:

I don't know how long these commercials have been around and I don't much care for Vegas. But I spent a decent amount of time cracking up on the floor after watching these.

So, love, I am going to take a vacation from the dishes and laundry for a few days to celebrate the all important Chinchilli Day.

Of course, if you are a bad person who kicks puppies and don't like chinchillas, you could always celebrate Jolly Roger Day or Mungo Day. I especially like Mungo Day.


  1. chinchillas have the most hair per square inch of any mammal. And I want one too. ;)


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