Thursday, June 24, 2010

Embrace the Camera: Making it Better

The following images courtesy of (stolen from) my sister-in-law Theresa:

"Kisses are all well and good, Mom, but where are the BOOBS?!?!"
(I am not responsible for the ketchup packet. I bet you can guess who is :) .)


  1. my goodness that is a BIG OL KISS!! i love baby kisses!! how sweet

  2. Smooches! Aren't they the BEST?!

  3. okay, i love this---and can so relate to the boobs comment. put anything to their mouth and they think it'll spit some milk back---haha.

    and i love that you made your profile picture, one from last week---that is such a sweet pic!

    thanks for joining us!

  4. love the ketchup packet!! love wordle too. just found that on your blog and now we are addicted!


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