Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anniversary Art - Part III

Have you heard of Wordle??

If not, I'd like to introduce you. Reader meet Wordle. Wordle meet Reader.
I first heard of Wordle when I was teaching at the high school. Teachers were talking about how they might use it in the classroom or for projects.

What does Wordle do that's so spiffy? It takes a a group of words and turns them into random word art. Let's use my blog as an example. I go to the "create" page in Wordle (see above) and enter my URL. Wordle randomly generates this:
Every word used on the first page of my blog is represented here. The more a word is repeated, the bigger the word will be. It seems as though I use the word "little" a lot.

You can mess with the layout, font, and color on your own. Or you can just hit "Randomize" to let Wordle change it for you. (despite my skepticism, says that "randomize" is a real word.)

Let's try another one for fun... Ah, yes. Let's do Mrs. 5C's blog

HA! Her top word is "hair"! (followed by "love" & "Rob" - how sweet!) To be fair, I created this Wordle the day of the Hermione hair post. Sorry, Mrs. 5C!

You don't have to Wordle a website. You can Wordle your favorite passage from a book, a poem, anything. You can even custom make your wordle by putting in a series of words, repeating the word or words you want to be larger.

This is what I did for our Anniversary. I created a list of words that had to do with me & my husband's relationship - from high school to the present. I repeated "love", our names, and our wedding date many times so that they would be larger than the rest of the words.

Here's a partial list (the actual list is super long!):


...We're strange.

(Sidenote: If you want a phrase to stay together, you either have to remove the spaces or place periods between each word. Otherwise, Wordle will break the phrase up. Also, save your list in a word document, because Wordle doesn't save it for you with each try and once you "save" you can't edit it anymore.)

This is what I came up with:

I tried a lot of different formats out, but I settled on this one:

If I ever want to change it up a bit, I can just switch this one out with one of the others.

So, go try it out! Enter your blog or favorite book passage just for fun!

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  1. haha! is my favorite choice there. :)
    And I like my wordle! I'm totally going to spend the rest of the evening playing with this! :) Thanks!


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