Monday, June 21, 2010

Addition Progress - From Balcony to Room

As much as we've enjoyed having a balcony, it was time to say our farewells and move on to more safely enclosed spaces. Sniffles were had by one and all.

Last Sunday, Stephen and his friend Jake spent the day enclosing the last wall of the addition. It was a very sober affair. Star Wars was never quoted. Not once. There was never a Captain Kirk/Piccard debate. Scout's honor!

First, they framed in the area for the window.

They were thinking of aiming for a more stylized window - the type modeled after the doorways in submarines...

But then, how would they have reenacted this scene from a Muppet Christmas Carol?
"You there! Young man!"
"Me, sir?"
"What day is today?"
"Why, it's Christmas day!"
"I haven't missed it!! The prize turkey in the shop window. Has it been sold?'"
"The one as big as me? No, sir!"
"I want you to go and buy it for me!"

...I'm not making this up.

Once the window opening was cut, they finished enclosing the space.
We only have a few more steps (outersheeting/flashing) before the first inspector can come and let us know if the whole structure is bound to fall over or not.

And they did all of this, despite how very, very hot it was outside.
Thanks for all of the hard work, guys! It's looking more and more like a room.

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