Thursday, April 1, 2010

The "Plan"

At the beginning of first block a few days ago...

Drake: (with great exuberance) Hey, Mrs. Frizzle?!

Me: (with mimicked exuberance) What?!

Drake: Matt and I have a PLAN!

Me: A plan for what?

Drake: For if your water breaks in class and you go into labor.

Me: Oh. Dear.

Drake: Don't you want to hear it??

Me: I don't know. It sounds dangerous.

Drake & Matt: NO WAY! IT'S AWESOME! So do you want to hear it?

Me: (tentatively) Suuure...

Drake: Ok, so your water breaks, right?

Me: Right!

Drake: And it's really gross and the whole class is in a panic. Then Matt will grab your hands and I'll grab your legs and we'll run out to the parking lot with you.

Me: *choked laugh*

Drake: And we'll steal a car and put you in the back seat...

Me: Wait! Aside from the whole stealing part, you guys are 15. You can't drive!

Drake: No, I just got my license today!!

Me: Oh. Dear.

Drake: Anyways, then we'll drive 100 mph to the hospital and the cops can't stop us because your in labor!

Me: All the way to the 'Burg?

Drake: Yup!

Me: And when we get there?

Drake: We'll toss you out at the emergency entrance and then drive back to school!

Me: That sounds like a terrific plan, Drake!

Drake: Yeah, we know! So, can you go into labor before spring break??

Me: I'll see what I can do...

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