Monday, March 1, 2010

Silly Roomies

All photos in this post were taken by Nancy Daly & Sarah Peaches Thomas.

The weekend with the roomies was full of fun shenanigans. They played bananagrams.
But such simple games were far too mundane.

Hey. I bet I can hold my arms up longer than you.
Am I making you uncomfortable? Hmm? Is my nearness making you uncomfortable? Maybe you should drop your arms!They also played the blanket game. A favorite from the college apartment. No pictures - but the game goes like this: Throw a blanket over Nancy's head, then throw pillows at Nancy as hard as you can while she wanders around the apartment bumping into things.

Oh, NO! The floor is LAVA!One time, I came home late from work to our college apartment and they had turned the entire apartment floor into lava. They had to throw me pillows to hop on so I wouldn't go up in flames. "Sexy, the floor is lava!" That's where you strike a "sexy" pose while standing on a pillow in the middle of the lava floor.

Would you believe me if I told you that none of us do drugs?

Meet Puffy. He's too cool for school.
And goes everywhere Peaches goes...
Be afraid.Be very afraid. HIDE!I made them waffles from scratch for breakfast. Nancy had no idea you could make waffles from scratch. She wanted to know where the box was. At first I thought she was kidding. But then she went upstairs and asked Mags & Peaches if they knew you could make waffles from scratch. What a weirdo.

It was always hard to watch them in the kitchen when we were in college. One time I had to show Peaches how to properly scrape a bowl with a spatula. It was too painful to watch without intervening.

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