Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our First Drywall Run

Here is the damaged plaster ceiling/walls from where we ripped out a sketchily built faux wall last summer.
Drywall is surprisingly easy to cut. You just run a razor blade along where you want to cut & then snap it. Cut the back and voila! The Professor lies to karate chop with his hand and yell "Hi-YA!" everytime he snaps drywall :). This actually took two pieces of drywall because someone (*cough* me!) was really tired and having severe & unusual brain malfunctioning issues and kept screwing up whenever she measured... How do you measure and inch short twice?!? Apparently, I can't read numbers and have to return to kindergarten. Oddly enough, I was still allowed to cut drywall after all of that... Drat! My plan failed! (Just kidding, love...)
Ever since we ripped out the old wall, the room has only had a pull chain. No light switch. The Professor remedied that! Light switch conveniently located for late night searching:
Once we had the drywall screwed into place, we plastered over the problem areas.

It's looking pretty good. The molding is flush with the drywall, but it's like that in several places throughout the house. It just needs some sanding, some more plaster, some primer, and a little Willow paint before it's finished... I'm worried it may have a few uneven bumps in some places, but at least there isn't scary, exposed plaster & lathe anymore!

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  1. Looks great! And if there are some uneven spots, no worries. You're the only one who will ever notice. :)


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