Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crazy Cheap

Last weekend, Ollie's had a 90% off sale on office furniture that they were trying to get rid of. My sister-in-law Theresa tipped us off to the sale and we couldn't resist checking it out. It's press board, which is not my favorite, but it's sturdy. And cheap. CRAZY CHEAP!

We got two "Hospitality Carts." The office carts you see in meetings with coffee, tea, & danishes set up on them. They were originally $99 at Ollies, discounted to $79. Take 90% off of that and they were about $8 apiece.

They are going to make great work benches out in the shed when we eventually have one. They have wheels, which makes them incredibly convenient. For now, this one will be the tool center (more on that later)...
And this one is serving as the baby food & baby bottle/dish center. Plus, we got to move the microwave out of the dining room & into the kitchen!

Then there was the $3 mail center hutch that Theresa posted about. There was one left at Ollies.
It was missing the hardware, but that was easily fixed. And it keeps my shoes from lying around my bedroom like this...
Thanks for the heads up, Theresa! I love Ollies!


  1. That is A MAZ ING!!! I'm so jealous!!

  2. The key to organizers is using them.
    Good luck with that--especially in getting Stephen to do so.

  3. I'm working on it... We both have the problem of leaving things wherever we are working with them... I'm better than Stephen, but not by much.

    I've already resolved Stephen's trash problem (soda bottles, etc.) by placing trash cans in any areas that he habitually inhabits (computer desk, recliner).


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