Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day Organization

I've been taking advantage of the recent snow days by catching up on my unpacking and organization... 7 months after having moved in.

My sister-in-law Theresa has been a terrific and wonderful house guest. She's a good motivator and has given me a hand with some of the organization in the bathroom and hallway shelving area. She even helped me clean out the Professor's current office and future nursery. You can actually walk in the room now. Theresa is a brave soul. Did I mention that I'm really grateful that you're around, Theresa? And that you're wonderful? Magnificent? Spectacular? 'Cause you are. Now, we just have to get the Professor to move his "command center" (computer) to another room. I'm working on that angle.


After work one night about a week ago, Theresa and I tossed about 1/2 of what was in the bathroom and organized the other half. The bathroom closet was stuffed full of boxes and very random stuff.
Now it's all organized. Deodorant with deodorant. Shampoo with shampoo. Manicure stuff with manicure stuff. First aid with first aid. The bathroom still has a long way to go, but at least I can find what I'm looking for now.
I took advantage of my first snow day last week to lounge around and do nothing. It was lovely, but with so many snow days lately, I've been working on organizing and emptying out our cluttered and still packed up bedrooms. Before I can get the Professor to move his command center, I have to create a space for him to move it to.

This room is the site of our future office. We've been using it as a storage room/sometimes guest bedroom. When we are guest-free, the futon bed serves as the general depository for all of our clean clothes. That or the love seat downstairs. The Professor and I have been getting dressed from random piles of clean clothes scattered throughout the house. I didn't have a dresser. He did, but had too many clothes to fit them all in the dresser. The closets weren't being efficiently used. The worst is when the futon bed is covered in clothes, guests are coming, and I don't have the time or inclination to find places for it. That's when it all gets shoved onto the floor. Yeah. Pretty bad.
There was a big, long dresser located in the corner of said future office. I propped it up on fluffy slippers and pushed it into our bedroom (after removing all drawers - it was very light!).
I hung of folded all of our clothes, sorted, weeded out old, unworn, or badly pit-stained clothes. I moved the little dresser that was already in the bedroom into the closet and replaced it with the big long dresser. After about 2 days of organizing, the bedroom and future office closet are neatly organized. All of the suitcases are nested and located in the top of the office.
All of the clothes that don't need to have a permanent drawer or place in a closet were placed in bins. Swimwear and winter clothing are getting put away in the attic.
Painting and construction clothing have their own bin for this summer.
At least half of the clothes were set aside for Goodwill. The clothes that weren't fit for Goodwill (e.g. the Professors old undershirts) have been placed in a rag box to be cut up and used for staining, etc. This is just one of the boxes set to go to Goodwill:
I think I have about 4 or 5 Goodwill boxes so far. I finished the clothes earlier today. Now I just have to go through the rest of the stuff in the future office. I took care of all of the books this evening and will finish up the rest of it tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe I'll even get around to going through the bat room and the dining room.

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