Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Operation Black-Eyed Scorpion Progress Report

Goodness, my battle plan is working!

One of my students from last semester wandered into my class during 4th block planning today. He's a sweet kid, super ADD, but always asks you how your day is going.

"Hey Teacher, I heard you were being mean this semester! IT CAN'T BE TRUE!?!"

"Mean?? Me? Really?"

"Ok, not mean. Strict."

"Well, yeah! Of course!"

"But you can't be strict, you were never strict last semester. You're way too nice!"

"Uh huh. And see what that got me. You guys drove me crazy!"

"Lesson learned?"


They think I'm strict? Word is spreading? SWEET! THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! Weird, huh?

No wonder my class is running smoothly and I'm not stressed out this semester. I haven't even had to send a single student to in school detention or call any parents for any reason but missing work and poor grades!


  1. Good job, Mrs. Shoppekeeper!
    Will you one day teach me how to be strict? ;)

  2. I didn't say I was good at being strict... ;)


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