Sunday, February 7, 2010

Non-Traditional Eskimo Blizzard Food

We had to stick to high energy Eskimo blizzard foods so that we would have enough energy to build our igloo. Since traditional Eskimo food consists of seal, whale, caribou, walrus, polar bear, arctic hare, fish, birds, and berries - and we had none of the above... We decided to be non-traditional Eskimos...Not a hard decision since we 1) live in Virginia, not Inuit country, 2) had used an ice chest to make our blocks instead of cutting them from the ice, 3) had built our igloo next to our house instead of in the wilds, and 4) didn't have a proper igloo entrance because (although we tried) the snow refuses to pack anymore and we can't make a decent block (boo!).For breakfast, we had "the crunchiest, most delicious waffles" courtesy of the Joy of Cooking. It's hard to resist a recipe with that kind of endorsement... Even if they are recommending you use 2 sticks of butter.
For the all important "I-can-no-longer-feel-my-fingers-and-toes-I-think-I-have-frost-bite-we have-to-take-a-break-now-or-I'm-going-to-have-you-crazy-people-committed-for-keeping-me-outside-this-long" break, we had homemade hot cocoa, Ghirardelli style. No offense Swiss Miss, we love you dearly, but on igloo building days you just aren't good enough.

And finally, the homemade version of O'Charlie's Loaded Potato Soup - wonderfully delicious bacon/cheddar/potato goodness, incredibly unhealthy, but perfect for igloo building recovery!
See? She's warm and smiling!


  1. I maintain that you are brave Eskimos even if you did not try to hunt wild Virginia hare or Robins for food.

    And also... I need one of everything you made yesterday. YUM.

    I just watched Julie&Julia for the first time. GOOD movie! And now I want to eat lots of butter.

  2. I want to see that movie! My mom was telling me how she was drooling over the same mortar and pestle that Julia Childs drooled over. I want to make something that requires a mortar & pestle. Just so I can pretend that I'm cool.


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