Friday, February 19, 2010

Home Improvement Plans - An Ongoing Process

The Professor and I have so many different ideas and plans for the house. Sometimes, I have trouble focusing on just one plan at a time in my head. Therefore, I'm writing them down here and will return to them periodically to help keep me focused. They aren't in any particular order. So, here are my lofty 2010 goals (of which, I'm sure not even half will be accomplished)...

The Professor's Goals:
  1. finish installing kitchen counter tops, sink surround, backsplashes, and kickboards
  2. run additional electrical wiring through the center walls of the upstairs and install extra electrical sockets in the upstairs bedrooms (which currently have 1 measly socket per room)
  3. run internet wiring through the attic/into the walls
  4. lay down plywood over the rafters throughout the whole attic to cover up the insulation and create gobs more storage space
  5. run more lights throughout the attic
  6. install a pull down ladder over the attic opening
  7. replace all old and outdated plumbing with flexible PEX piping to prevent potential freezing and to fix our kitchen/laundry room water pressure problem
  8. install an overhead light in the second half of the living room
  9. seal up the foundation before next winter
  10. install a railing around the upstairs porch roof
My Goals (with the understanding that 1) I'm crazy and always set too many unrealistic goals for myself & 2) I'll be lucky to do half of these and any success is largely dependent upon funds & baby... he can learn to wield a hammer at an early age, right?):
  1. set up the nursery
  2. baby proof the house
  3. finish hanging mirrors
  4. hang pictures/art throughout the house
  5. finish organizing all of the miscellanea in the upstairs
  6. clear out the dining room and adjacent closet
  7. organize all tools into a centralized tool box and location (i.e. downstairs walk in closet)
  8. clear out and organize the dining room and adjacent closet so that the dining room might be used as an actual dining room
  9. convert under the stairs closet into a pantry (with lighting?)
  10. build in shelving in random kitchen nook
  11. finish replacing and caulking all of the windows
  12. weed out and dispose of unwanted furniture; refinish and rearrange wanted furniture
  13. sew duvet covers for down comforter and guest room comforters
  14. sew couch pillow covers to cover up heinous faded floral pattern
  15. sew sheer curtains and window trimmings/drapes for all of the windows in the house
  16. remove kitchen destruction debris and other things cluttering the backyard
  17. clear out and organize the cellar
  18. clear out, gut, and organize the Sandwich Shoppe
  19. build radiator boxes before next winter
  20. put up crown molding throughout the house
  21. update inside doors, install door knobs, fix door jambs/frames
  22. put in a coffered ceiling in the living room (recessed lighting?)
  23. paint and decorate the upstairs bedrooms
  24. build a built in bookcase in the office area
  25. organize shelving in the upstairs hallway using baskets/crates
  26. Plant a small herb garden and put a hard to kill plant in every room
  27. put cabinets/counters/sink into the laundry room
  28. build in a china cabinet like structure in the dining room nook
  29. replace laundry room door/weatherproof front and side door
  30. build furniture you like using plans from Knock Off Wood
Big Long Term Plans That Most Probably Won't Happen This Year
  1. Upstairs bathroom addition on top of the current downstairs bathroom
  2. Make the Sandwich Shoppe habitable (real floors/walls/ceilings/insulation, etc.) and open it up to the rest of the house
  3. completely renovate both bathrooms
  4. put a bathroom in the sandwich shoppe
  5. Raise the kitchen and dining room ceilings
  6. Put in fencing and a garden in the back yard
I'm probably forgetting many things, but this is the running list of what's been swirling around in my head lately. Maybe now it can stay on the blog and leave my head alone. No? Didn't think so.

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  1. I did this. And then promptly started to ignore it and do whatever I wanted to.
    Maybe in the madness I'll get back to my list. ;)


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