Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rhubarb & Avocado

I may be well past the first trimester - but I've badly wanted (craved?) two things lately:

Avocados - which apparently no one in Jersey has ever heard of...And rhubarb... Preferably in tart or pie form... Where does one even find rhubarb?!?Is that strange?


  1. yes it's strange. and REALLY GROSS

  2. I've heard of avacados! They are Addy's fav..."braid food!" which means they are MY favorite food to give her! In fact, she ate avacado at your wedding reception, and I only remember because someone made fun of me. (Sidenote: One of the best first foods for babies!)

  3. One of the best foods ever - I know some Jersey folks know about avocados. However, when I was in Jersey for Thanksgiving - I really, really, really want an avocado and everytime I asked at a restaurant, they looked at me like I was a loon.

  4. Okay - whoops! I meant to write "braiN" food. And in case you are craving again while you are here - produce junction (near us) usually has them 2/$1!! Great deal!


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