Monday, January 10, 2011

Comfy Cushions for My Guests' Hineys

We have completed the first step in the long line of steps needed to refinish the dining room set. Reupholstering the chairs. For the comfort of our guests' hineys.

As it's an older set, some of the chairs are a little rickety. They need to be taken apart, reglued, and screwed back together. Not the most entertaining task... Can't you tell?

As you can see, the seat cushions were in desperate need of replacement. They were uber-faded and stained. Just look at how much brighter the fabric is on the underside! Additionally, the cushion part itself had lost all of its cush.

Yuck! So, I found a pretty fabric (called English Ivy) that matched the painted walls of the dining room to replace the old faded fabric.

I also  bought some Poly-Fil Tru-Foam to replace the old squished seat cushions.

Theresa, being the super lady that she is, helped me reupholster the seats. We removed the nasty faded fabric by pulling out the old staples with a flat head screw driver. Then we cut out the new cushions and fabric.

We layered the base of the seat, the cushion, and the fabric together...

And got busy stapling. It's quick, it's easy, and it's a major improvement. When examining a chair in a thrift store, I always ask myself if it has potential and consider how it would look reupholstered.

Then we screwed the cushions back onto the chairs and we were done!

Did I mention that we did this Christmas morning while waiting for Joseph to wake up from his mid-morning nap so we could open presents? Hence the Santa hat & (way cool, super sexy) Christmas socks...

Now I just have to get around to refinishing the chairs, table, and china cabinet.

I'm thinking of going with a really dark mocha color. Shiny espresso-ey. I'll have to experiment. But for now, I'm just happy to have a cushy place for my guests' tushies to sit while I feed them.


  1. I <3 Joseph's play yard!!!!!!

    The chairs look nice, too!

  2. Your guests appreciate the pretty new cushions, too! :)


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