Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Chair & New Inspiration!

This is my desk area. Please excuse the mess - it's been a long semester and teachers tend to spend their time buried under piles of paper. Please note the 50 year old, rickety and very squeaky chair I've been using for the last 4 months. Yeah... The back periodically falls off. It's awesome...
I made a trip to school today to pick up my computer power cord and drop a few things off. Like this new AWESOME desk chair from my husband (thanks Love!) and this gorgeous framed WWII poster from my fabulous sister-in-law.
This poster has a terrific history behind it. You can learn more about it and the other two posters in the same series at this post by Mrs. 5C.
I really, really love it. It's going to be terrific motivation in the coming months of teaching... (and as a part of my laundry room ;) later this year). Thanks Mrs. 5C!

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  1. haha... I'm glad you like it!
    And I'm also glad we don't need to worry about you falling out of your chair! (I think that'd be bad for the gastropod... and classroom control) ;)


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