Saturday, December 5, 2009

Welcome back, Jack Frost!

IT'S SNOWING!!!! We've already got nearly two inches sticking to the ground. I don't even care that it's not a school day, I'm just so happy to see some snow around here! It's been snowing since about 6 am this morning and it's not supposed to stop until later tonight!
Getting into the spirit, the Professor played Christmas music all morning and we'll be putting up the lights and the tree later this afternoon. There is supposed to be a Christmas parade at 2 & a Christmas tree lighting at the Town Hall at 6:30. I sure hope they don't cancel! That would just be wrong!
I'm especially excited to see Santa in the parade since I already had a lovely phone call from him at 9 am this morning telling me what a good kid I've been this year. How is that? Well if you have little kids (or a husband who really loves Christmas & schedules these phone calls for his wife...) that would like to get a Merry Christmas phone call from Santa, schedule their call HERE. They can also hear from Sammy the Snowman and the racecar dude.. but they aren't nearly as cool!
I'm definitely looking forward to sitting on the front porch wrapped in a blanket with some tea or hot cocoa while watching the parade, so they better not cancel it! Speaking of tea, will someone in Jersey tell Grandmom that we really love our tea cozy and are putting it to good use?

The outdoors are just getting prettier and prettier:

As for Christmas decorations, I'll let you know how they turn out. But for now, we have poinsettias sitting in our big front window for Christmas:Of course, it's more amusing when you know that they are currently sitting in Christmas coffee mugs. I love my husband...


  1. Nice pictures. I hope to have some myself. I'm just waiting for the batteries to recharge!
    Speaking of which, the done light just came on.
    (And now I have "Little Jack Frost get lost, get lost" stuck in my head. At least it's seasonal!)

  2. Looks beautiful! No snow in Richmond today, but a shiny fridge appeared in our kitchen, so still some reason to celebrate! ;)

  3. I'm SO jealous of your porch AND your town!!!


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