Monday, December 28, 2009

History 101: Historic District Blurb

In a conversation with Glenda, my husband's now retired boss' wife and the sweetest lady ever, I learned that our Town Hall had a pamphlet listing information on all houses registered in the Historic District. WHAT?!?! Why didn't I check on this before?? Oh, right, time...

I was so excited, I went over to the town hall first thing this morning.

Historic District Blurb:

"This site was previously the location of Reverend Paul Henkel's first house, constructed circa 1791 and later moved to a lot on [another street]. The current building was constructed between 1876 and 1885. This building was utilized as a rooming house at one time, and was also the site of the [Town] Tea Room."

So excited and so many questions stem from this... (Yay, history!)

Who the heck is Paul Henkel? When was it used as a rooming house? By whom? And I want more info on the Tea Room!!

I guess I'll have to consult the town historian who dresses up in Civil War dresses and gives walking tours. I should also pick up some of the books listed in the section of the pamphlet entitled "For further reading." I'm sure the town library has them.


  1. You can find some stuff on Google. Including links back to JMU.
    Enjoy the digging!


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