Monday, November 9, 2009

Bear Walls

Our walls are very bare at the moment. Having put up lights that illuminate the walls so well, the Professor has suddenly decided that we need to put things up on the walls.

So he went out and bought half a bear.Just kidding.

I agree with the Professor, but what to put up? I have a whole bunch of picture frames and thousands of pictures to chose from. However, many of those picture frames are on the smaller size. They'll get used for sure. I've got plenty of rooms. However, the living room and the hallway have high ceilings and I feel they need a little more than little picture frames. I think that they need large frames, large photos, some mirrors, and maybe even some art.

I'm so picky about art. I have to look at it repeatedly over time to make sure that I don't switch from liking to hating it.

I have lots of ideas for different areas of the house.

I really like Van Gogh's Almond Branches for the upstairs landing. It has just a little green in it to match the hall color.
Teal or tan?
Speaking of branches, I like these prints as well:
For the laundry room, I really like the idea of using Good Housekeeping posters like these:

For the nursery, I think these songbird prints are a lot of fun:

Or maybe more traditional songbird prints:

I truly love the fabric and embroidery hoop idea:
Or my Mrs. 5C's version of framing fabric and fun text:
I've got lots of antique map prints for my office like this one:
I've always love Monet's waterlily paintings:

Prints with tan and green might go really well in the living room or hallway.

And this photograph of ferns is really neat:

I go back and forth on these, but I think they'd be fun in the kitchen:

These two prints are much brighter, but very pretty as well:
And I like irises.So... I think I like botanicals... Just a wild guess. I'm not sure if I would use any of these, but I'm going to come back to my blog and stare at them periodically until I decide how much I really like them. I might even walk around the house holding my laptop while looking at pictures.


  1. *GASP!!* I'm honored to be included in the line up! ;)
    I LOVE the teal version of the almond branches. I've thought about buying that one many many times.
    The Good Housekeeping prints are cute! And I really like the print with the fluffy white trees.


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